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Digitalization and globalization across the globe have increased the scope of work of traditional businesses, and opened up avenues for a number of new opportunities, interconnectedness and also new challenges for businesses.


Pacific Legal is a trusted advisor for foreign venture capital firms investing in Canadian tech companies. Our clients rely on our expertise in various areas which include regulatory and transactional communications, commercial technology, and strategic counsel on policy matters. Our team comprisies of people who have a vast expertise in understanding of commercial technology, including outsourcing, system development, licensing, and agreements related to SaaS, IaaS, e-commerce, and cloud services. Our team is also experienced in technology-specific domains such as open source and agile software development. In addition, we provide strategic guidance on policy matters, including IT security, document retention, BYOD, and digital media funding policies in Canada.


We are  experienced at dealing with issues related to problems occurring in radio, television, music, sports, publishing, art, and theater-related concerns. We address both regulatory and contentious matters along with matters related to defamation. Focusing on cybersecurity, data breaches, and risk management, we offer our clients the necessary guidance on privacy, consumer protection, and anti-spam regulations.


Our services cover a wide range of areas and normally include helping our clients by providing guidance on technology purchases, assisting in fundraising efforts, and minimizing legal and regulatory risks. Our team ensures that everything is done to help our clients achieve success in their business needs.

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