Cannabis Counsel: Navigating Opportunities and Regulations with Pacific Legal

Cannabis Law

Cannabis Law


Since its legalization in 2018, Canada’s cannabis industry has experienced remarkable expansion and evolution. The country’s regulatory framework allows for both recreational and medicinal use, creating a thriving market. Licensed producers cultivate a wide variety of strains, while retail stores offer consumers an extensive selection of products. Continuous regulatory modifications strive to strike a balance between public health concerns and economic benefits. With a rapidly growing export market, Canada has emerged as a trailblazer on the global stage, setting the standard for a legal and regulated cannabis industry. This has not only stimulated economic growth but also fostered innovation and generated employment opportunities.


At Pacific Legal, we take pride in having one of the most extensive legal teams in the nation at Pacific Legal, specializing in cannabis and psychedelics. Our team’s profound understanding of the intricate scientific, regulatory, financial, and intellectual property aspects of these industries proves to be indispensable for our clients.


In addition to overseeing intricate corporate transactions and providing guidance on operational matters and technological advancements, we possess a team of experts specializing in the cannabis law. Our advisors cater to cultivators, processors, retailers, and all those involved in this sector, both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, we extend our services to companies operating in pharmaceuticals, beverage alcohol and other food industries, tobacco, venture capital firms, investment dealers, as well as analytical testing.


We are also equipped with advising entities that are not participating in this industry. We provide assistance to employers, including those in safety-sensitive positions, as well as assisted living facilities, sports and recreation centers, and First Nations communities, in developing policies and regulations to effectively manage and minimize the potential risks associated with the use of medical and recreational cannabis and other psychedelic substances.

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