Empowering Progress: Legal Solutions for the Power and Utilities Sector

Energy – Power

Power and Utilities : Energy – Power


Canada’s power and utilities sector stands out for its wide range of energy sources, which include hydroelectric, nuclear, and renewable options. The industry places a strong emphasis on clean energy, making it a leader in sustainable practices. Provinces such as Quebec and British Columbia take advantage of their abundant hydroelectric power, resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Canada’s commitment to a resilient and environmentally conscious energy future is evident through its investments in smart grid technology and renewable projects. These initiatives ensure that the nation has a dependable and sustainable power supply for years to come.


As your legal partners in your journey across this sector we keep you informed on the latest industry trends in order to protect your business interests and mitigate risks. Our team has an expertise in dealing with all transactions related to the power and utilities industry and regularly provides advice on:


  1. Taxation
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Joint Ventures
  4. Generation, transmission and distribution of solar, wind, waterpower, biomass and other renewable such as nuclear, coal and natural gas
  5. Project Development and Finance
  6. Electricity Regulation
  7. Procurement
  8. Contractual Arrangements

… along with an array of other important transactions.


We take pride in assisting our clients navigate through the complex waters of power and utilities industry. We are dedicated to assisting clients in accomplishing their business objectives and delivering exceptional legal services worldwide. Clients rely on our firm to discover creative resolutions to intricate business matters, and the lawyers at Pacific Legal utilize the firm’s extensive global network to support clients in navigating these obstacles.

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