Guardians of Sustainability: Navigating Environmental Law

Environmental Law


The environmental landscape is one that is highly dynamic and has an effect on multiple business sectors. The consequences of the ever changing regulatory landscape of the environmental sector in Canada can only be navigated with the help of lawyers having a deep understanding on the subject.


 The team at Pacific Legal are experts at helping clients deal with changing regulations and remain compliant with all necessary environmental norms. We also provide the necessary due diligence required for our clients to complete their transactions in order to set their businesses up for success.


We provide services in:

  • public and private power projects
  • energy
  • oil sands
  • real estate development
  • oil and gas
  • petrochemicals
  • pipelines
  • shipping
  • municipal law
  • land expropriation


Our team is seasoned at helping our clients deal with national and international environmental laws with an aim of maintaining good and honest relationships with our clients for structured and united growth.

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