Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services


Banking and financial service needs of your business are paramount and need to be fulfilled with expert diligence. To navigate through these challenges across global platforms every business requires the help of an experienced team of lawyers by their side to help them succeed in all of their transactions.


The Bank Act and its regulations is the primary legislation governing Canada and falls under the Federal Jurisdiction. Banks in Canada are under the supervision of multiple regulatory bodies which are responsible for maintaining financial stability as well as for bringing in regulations to help sustain the banking and financial sector of the country.


As your legal team, we at Pacific Legal pride ourselves in providing all the necessary expertise to tackle transactions in the banking and finance law required for your business needs. The services we provide to our clients are:


  1. Regulatory Compliance:

Pacific Legal makes it a priority to provide our clients with all the information required to help them keep track of their regulatory compliances and comply with all federal and provincial regulations.


  1. Drafting and Review of Contracts:

Our team is well versed with all the requirements of drafting and review of contracts that are necessary to help sustain your business in the banking and finance sector.


  1. Dispute Resolution:

The team at Pacific Legal has a number of experienced litigators who can represent them in disputes. We also help our clients facilitate dispute resolution using alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration and conciliation.


  1. Risk Mitigation:

Our team also helps mitigate risks for our clients by identifying and relaying specific risks that may arise in financial transactions as well as keeping track of the legal implications of different financial instruments.


  1. Insolvency:

Our team is also experienced at helping clients deal with matters related to insolvency whether it may be for creditors, borrowers, receivers or even trustees in bankruptcy.


At Pacific Legal we find solutions that focus on your business needs in order to help structure your finances and lending transactions or negotiate agreements and contracts. Clients depend upon us to help provide a stable base for their finance and banking needs which is most important to promote a sustainable growth of their businesses.

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