Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


Whether it is a larger corporate or an emerging business looking to build an IP portfolio, our lawyers at Pacific Legal are trusted advisors who provide focused and strategic intellectual property (IP) counseling, opinions and advice. We provide counseling on how to move forward with obtaining patent, trademark, copyright, and industrial design rights, and when these rights can be at a risk of infringement.


 At Pacific Legal, we have a team of lawyers who are experts at representing clients in litigation matters. We are committed to providing sound IP Counseling and advice to our clients with the objective to help them achieve their business goals.


Intellectual Property Litigation:


Our team of lawyers at Pacific Legal are experts at procuring, exploiting and enforcing Intellectual Property Rights for our clients. We have an active litigation practice encompassing all aspects of the field of intellectual property. In Toronto, we are renowned at helping our clients protect their intellectual property rights and reduce any misuse of the same to a minimum. We specialize in advocating and defending our clients’ Intellectual Property assets to optimize return on investments and preserve competitive advantage.


Intellectual Property Portfolio Management:


Intellectual Property Portfolios in today’s market is the key to success for any company or brands overall business success. At Pacific Legal, we specialize in the management of our clients’ portfolios in order to help them safeguard their market position, generate higher revenue and restrict competition from getting the better of them in the market. Our team of lawyers diligently conducts time bound reviews and maintenance to boost the value of the company


Our services in this area include: 

  • Developing internal IP management policies to maximize innovation and competitive strength
  • Conducting IP audits
  • Educating management and employees on strategic IP issues
  • Portfolio mining to identify and pursue licensing opportunities
  • Assessing competitive strengths and risks
  • Extracting revenue from underutilized patent portfolios
  • Coordinating and implementing enforcement activities
  • Selecting valuable trademarks and developing a protection strategy based upon a product’s distribution scheme
  • Increasing the value of brands through promotional and marketing efforts as well as by proper trademark usage and marking

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