Resolving Disputes: Strategizing Solutions



Disputes have become a normal part of any business venture in Canada. Disputes can arise between contracting parties, employers and employees, tenants and landlords and in almost any other business relationship imaginable. The guidance of experienced lawyers can drastically differ your chances at dispute resolution and can provide you the necessary know how in dealing with these unpleasant situations.


Our team at Pacific Legal helps resolve all your disputes in an efficient and cost effective manner. We specialize at various forms of alternative dispute resolution and also boast an incredible track record in helping our clients receive favorable outcomes through litigation.


Our seasoned team is dedicated at helping provide timely solutions to our clients, which exhaust the least amount of their resources. We normally advice our clients through services such as:


  • Advice on dispute resolution processes
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation and Conciliation
  • Arbitration
  • Help with Small Cause Claims
  • Litigation


Our team of lawyers is experienced at dealing with complex matters in Toronto as well as other provinces in the country. We strive to help our clients benefit from situations which are normally difficult to deal with.  At Pacific Legal, we find solutions to your problems.

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