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Government & Public Sector

Government and Public Sector


The government and public sector play a key role in promoting national development and fostering national security. Canada has a variety of federal institutions responsible for governance and upholding laws in the country while the provinces and territories manage specific responsibilities.


We handle complex and demanding transactions in Canada and India. We counsel both public and private acquirers and targets. At Pacific Legal we use our contacts and network across countries to help both domestic as well as foreign clients succeed in their public policy objectives.


We specialize in monitoring both domestic and international political landscapes, as well as public policy developments. Our expertise lies in analyzing how changes in government policies can potentially affect your interests. We offer advisory services to foreign governments and businesses, specifically focusing on Canadian government policy development and processes. Our team is skilled in preparing briefs, submissions, and presentations to effectively communicate your concerns to the government. Additionally, we provide guidance on lobbying law and registration requirements, ensuring compliance with regulations. We also take charge of advocacy campaigns on your behalf, including direct communication with government decision-makers. Lastly, we offer advice on political contributions and elections law to ensure your activities align with legal requirements.

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