Navigating the Legal Terrain of Retail & Hospitality in Canada

Retail & Hospitality



Canada’s product, retail, and hospitality sectors are subject to a variety of laws and regulations. To negotiate through this vast and complex legal landscape, it is extremely important to have a legal team that possesses extensive expertise in addressing the challenges which can be encountered by both Canadian and international clients.


At Pacific Legal, we specialize in the negotiation of commercial contracts, encompassing retail leases for a number of locations. Additionally, our team is adept in managing construction and distribution needs, ensuring compliance with product labeling, marketing and advertising regulations. Our expertise also includes privacy protection, trademark matters, licensing, employment, and pay equity, among other areas.


Pacific Legal specializes in providing expert legal advice to retailers operating in Canada. We offer guidance on a wide range of laws and regulatory requirements, helping our clients remain well-informed and compliant with the laws. Our services cover various important aspects of the industry, including mergers and acquisitions, electronic commerce laws, leasing agreements, payments and cards regulations, consumer protection laws, and product warranty laws.


Additionally, we help our clients navigate the complexities of privacy laws, customs regulations, intellectual property, and trademark laws. We also address issues related to employment, advertising, and marketing laws. With a strong focus on compliance, our expertise also extends to competition laws, anti-piracy/brand protection matters, labelling and packaging laws of all jurisdictions including Québec. We at Pacific Legal pride ourselves in helping our clients in the retail industry help all of their business needs.

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