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The Canadian mining industry is one of the biggest industries in Canada and a forms a great part of the nation’s economy, comprising a diverse array of activities, from exploration and extraction to environmental compliance and sustainable development. At Pacific Legal, we have a deep understanding of the distinct challenges and potential advantages associated with mining projects. Our team of experienced lawyers is committed to providing customized legal advice that aligns with the constantly changing requirements of our clients.


Our team offers expertise in:

  • Solicited and unsolicited M&A transactions

Pacific Legal guarantees the protection of clients’ interests, risk reduction, and adherence to the highest legal standards in both solicited (regulatory compliance, contracts, etc.) and unsolicited (hostile takeover, shareholder rights, etc.) M&A deals in the mining sector.


  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances

Our team has a vast experience in dealing with contractual aspects necessary for the industry, our team of legal professionals excels in negotiating and drafting crucial agreements essential to mining projects. These agreements include exploration agreements, joint ventures, and sales contracts.


  • Dispute Resolution

Disputes between shareholders along with labour and employment disputes are the most common in the mining industry. These may involve high-stake litigation, arbitration, mediation or negotiations. We address critical issues such as royalties, liability, and dispute resolution mechanisms, effectively safeguarding our clients’ interests at every step.


  • Regulatory and environmental compliance& investigations

Mining projects necessarily encounter a large number of permits, environmental impact assessments, and indigenous consultations, to secure compliance with the intricate web of legal obligations. We, at Pacific Legal, guide you from the initial stages of exploration to closure.


  • Infrastructure

Pacific Legal’s established Infrastructure practice delves into the intersection of mining and infrastructure law, providing comprehensive legal support for the ever-changing requirements of the industry. Equipped with a keen understanding of the regulatory system,contractual obligations, and financial intricaciesinfluencing this connection, our firm is well-positioned to steer mining companies towards enduring and successful endeavors.


  • Project financing

At Pacific Legal, we focus on all aspects essential for obtaining funding, mitigating risks, and guaranteeing adherence to the various legal requirements that define the mining sector.


  • Indigenous relationship negotiations

At Pacific Legal, we are dedicated to fostering positive relationships between mining companies and indigenous communities, recognizing the significance of responsible and collaborative practices.

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