Global Strategies: Navigating Competition & Foreign Investment

Pacific Legal: Your Partner for Resolving Complex Global Legal Challenges

Competition & Foreign Investment Review


Whether it’s a merger, critical business transactions, regulatory investigations or disputes, our clients often look for Pacific Legal’s guidance to resolve complex issues both domestically and globally.


With advance education and experience in International Competition and International Trade Law, Lawyers at Pacific Legal provide an extensive global perspective to our clients. Moreover, the firm has built strong relations with leading clients and counsel all around the world including but to limited to India, China, USA, Panama, Paraguay, Germany, and Turkey.


Our portfolio includes:


  • Cartel Investigations and Litigation: Whether it’s LIBOR, marine & electronic shipping, or government contracting, we provide steadfast legal guidance to our clients at all stages on cartel investigations and competition-related litigation.
  • Competition-Related Litigation: From SIRs to dealing with the Canadian Competition Bureau, we serve industries such as technology, oil & gas, mining, and transportation sectors.
  • Foreign Investment Advice: With a high level of experience in providing strategic representation of foreign investors,
  • Distribution, Pricing Marketing, and Advertising: All aspects of competition and consumer protection issues related to distribution activities, retail pricing programs, and advertising are covered by our experience.

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