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Construction industry in Canada is one of the largest economic contributors to the Canadian Economy, employing upwards of 1.6 million people and generating large employment opportunities in other sectors as well through a ripple effect in sectors such as manufacturing, technology, retail and engeering among others. The industry contributes to around $151 billion to the economy, accounting for over 7% contribution to the GDP.


The team at Pacific Legal is highly experienced at dealig with transactions in the construction sector. We boast a deep understanding of the legal regime surrounding the construction area and help advice clients on multiple matters in this regard.


Our team is specialized at providing various types of services to our clients in order to help them succeed in their construction law related goals. Our team helps clients with:


  • drafting and negotiating construction contracts
  • underwriting, bond forms and indemnity agreements
  • infrastructure and mega-projects
  • public-private partnerships (P3s)
  • complex construction disputes
  • construction insurance coverage and defence, including professional liability coverage
  • procurement/tender disputes
  • delay and loss of productivity claims
  • drafting RFQs, RFPs, tenders and other procurement documents
  • product liability and construction materials-related claims
  • engineering and geotechnical claims
  • professional negligence claims
  • environmental issues
  • highway construction and maintenance disputes
  • leaking buildings claims
  • fidelity and fraud litigation
  • recovery of assets
  • construction insolvency
  • litigation, arbitration and adjudication for sureties
  • deficiency claims
  • lien claims
  • trust claims
  • all types of bond claims


The team here at Pacific Legal is proficient at dealing with any and all transactions that your business may require. We use our network in Toronto and across all of Canada to help you achieve your business endeavors. At Pacific Legal, we are first and foremost dedicated to making your goals a success while aspiring to maintain healthy and long term relations for sustained business groeth.

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