A Dive into Panama Qualified Investor Immigration Program

Advantageously located between Central and South America, Panama has now become the center of attraction for high-net-worth individuals. Aside from being the maritime hub, Panama is still one of the few countries, that offers a diverse cultural landscape, generous employment & business opportunities, a developed economy with a robust real-estate market, and striking urban development (as many would say it's comparable to Toronto). 

But how come Panama became so relevant? The answer lies because of its trade junction, access to Central, South, and North American markets, and its territorial tax system which has attracted an enormous number of affluent people from all around the world. With successful entrepreneurs struggling with a disadvantageous tax system in their home country, Panama emerged as one of the most important key players.

Panama Qualified Investor Immigration Program often known as an investment program (the “Golden Visa Program”), now allows high-net-worth individuals to get permanent residency as low as within 30 days. So, what is this Golden Visa Program?

A Golden Visa Program is a special program introduced by the Panamanian government in which an individual can get Panama permanent residency through different pathways. One can take advantage of these pathways by either investing (i) USD 300,000 in real estate; (ii) USD 500,000 in the Stock exchange, or (ii) USD 750,000 in Fixed-term deposits in the banking sector, for at least five years.

This Golden Visa program is unlike any other program, as it gives you an option to even bring your spouse, and unmarried children under 25 who are dependent on the main applicant. With experience in this field, Pacific Legal will help you with all stages of the process and will make the process as simple as it can be without worrying about anything. Feel free to reach out at avi@pacificlegal.ca if you want to know more.

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